Casino do not help local business.

“There is no reason on Earth for any of you
to expect for more than a second that just
because there are people here, they’re going
to run into your restaurants and stores
just because we build this building.”

Billionaire casino owner Steve Wynn told this to
local business owners to discuss his opening of a
casino in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

You can expect the same in Danville. If Ceasars for Danville could point you to a success story they would have done so already.

Predatory businesses aren’t worth the risk.

Casinos impact your home value.

If you live within 5 miles of a casino then you should expect your property value to go down. If you live in a city that is home to a casino, then you can expect your property taxes to go up. It’s a lose-lose situation for homeowners. Read more here: http://stoppredatorygambling.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/2013-Realtor-study-NAR-Casino-Research.pdf

Poverty, addiction, and crime will increase.

Theft, fraud, assaults, drunk driving, break-ins, robberies, human trafficking, the list goes on. All of those things plus more increase once a casino opens up, especially within 5 miles of the casino. Why else are they trying to put an overpriced police station right next to the casino? The majority of whatever tax revenue Danville would receive from the casino will go right to policing and protecting that piece of property. All while the residence of Schoolfield, Stokeland, and forest hills suffer from the consequences.

The jobs numbers do not add up.

“The Danville People’s Movement is continuing to make people aware of the casino project on the ballot in November. Everyone wants good-paying jobs in their city and good choices for employment. Just like last year when I warned everyone about Rosies (which still isn’t here), Caesar’s is following the same playbook to win the election.
The fact of the matter is like all casinos the majority of the jobs available will be low wage jobs. There will not be a boost in employment in the area. You’ll only have people going from one low wage job to another one. Don’t take my word for it, read the study that the state did on gaming last year.”

Ceasars for Danville are promising thousands of jobs paying $15 per hour and a salary of $50,000 per year. Data shows that they pay at or below what companies like Walmart and Target pay their employees. The 2019 Virginia Gaming study showed that a majority of the jobs a casino would provide in Danville would be “low-skill” and “low-pay” jobs.

The Caesars – City of Danville contract allows Caesars to not keep their promises.

The agreement that Caesars and the City of Danville signed a few weeks back is filled with many clauses that should even make supporters of this project concerned. Especially those hoping to get a job there when the project starts. One is a clause that relieves Ceasars of any obligation to stick to their wage and local hiring promises. “In the event of a partial or total shutdown of the Project as a result of a natural disaster, pandemic, endemic, or other emergency situation, Caesars Virginia shall not be required to meet the commitments contained in this subsection for any such year in which a partial or total shutdown of the Project occurs.” This is extremely vague, and there are no clear definitions or time frames to illustrate what a partial or full shutdown looks like. Is it 2 days? 10 minutes? 1 week? We’ll still be in a pandemic once development starts. So when there is a Covid-19 outbreak among workers will their pay get cut? What are all of the emergency situations? They could literally make up anything and use this option to get out of the deal. Another is the mention of “commercially reasonable efforts to employ local residents of the City and surrounding localities”. What does that mean exactly? One definition is “Commercially reasonable efforts” is at a level below “best efforts” and is generally interpreted as requiring the party to exert substantial effort without requiring that the party take any action that would be commercially unreasonable under the circumstances.” The types of jobs that Caesars for Danville are promising make available for locals and what their real pay will be are some of the top concerns we hear about regularly.

“Casinos increase human trafficking.”

Vote now, or on November 3rd.

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