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Local Action PAC fights to improve the lives of working-class families. Local Action is against predatory lending, banking, gambling, and any project that threatens our environment and communities. Casinos and other gaming businesses have promised so much to communities, but deliver very little. 

As a PAC, we support efforts to create living-wage jobs, protect the environment, and create a sustainable economy for all. Unfortunately, the gaming industry does not offer that. We hear about the benefits, but what are the cost? 

As a PAC, we’re going to help Virginians organize locally, and push back against predatory businesses that want to take over their communities


City of Danville, Vote Early, or on November 3rd.

Voting has begun. Vote early by mail, in person, or vote on election day. This is more than a vote against the Caesars casino coming to Danville. Voters have been unfairly put into a position by Danville City government by threatening tax increases, no new police station, and service cuts if the casino referendum does not pass on November 3rd. This is a vote to hit the reset button and bring citizen voices to the table to keep Danville Virginia a growing, safe, and family-friendly city. Local Action PAC encourages all Danville City voters to ignore these empty threats and pie in the sky promises from Caesars and vote NO on November 3rd.

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